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United Way of Acadiana believes giving is a personal decision. United Way strongly discourages and works to eliminate coercion of any kind. United Way of Acadiana is a non-profit group organized under IRS code 501(c)(3). Your gifts are tax deductible. We value you, our donor. As a result, we do not rent, trade or sell your name or personal information. United Way of Acadiana operates under the highest financial and ethical standards and has earned the United Way Worldwide Standards of Excellence seal of approval. United Way of Acadiana charges a cost recovery deduction of 13.6% for donations made to specific agencies or to other United Ways to recover expenses related to fundraising, management and uncollectibles. This 13.6% deduction includes 8.3% for fundraising and management costs and 5.3% for uncollectibles. United Way does not provide goods or services in exchange for any pledge made. United Way of Acadiana’s mission is  to unite people and organizations with passion, expertise and resources to create more opportunities for a better life. 
United Way of Acadiana serves Acadia, Lafayette, St. Martin and Vermilion parishes. Not less than 90 cents of each dollar gifted from individuals is channeled to impact Acadiana.



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